Holy Trinity seeking part time bookkeeper/accountant


Holy Trinity Catholic Church is seeking a qualified individual to fill a part time position and serve on the parish’s ministry team.  The position entails bookkeeping and accounting roles within the organization.

The position is part-time (12-15 flexible hours per week) and has oversight of the following areas:

– Formulation of annual operating budget
– Quarterly reporting to the Diocese of Richmond, parish finance council, and pastor
– Execution of budget including income statements, cash flow management, and deposits and expenditures
– Maintaining parish databases, accounting records, and filing IRS statements and claims
– Execution of payroll efforts, including taxation and benefits
– Personal dedication to Christian excellence in work, including active prayer life and devotional practices of the Faith
– Other duties as assigned


Qualifications:  Associates degree in finance/accounting, 3-5 or more years in related job position,  ability to learn computer databases and systems, mutual flexibility in work schedule.

Pay and benefits based on diocesan pay scale as is enumerated by the Catholic Diocese of Richmond.

Interested parties should send resume and cover letter to: pastor.

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