O Beautiful for Heroes Proved…

Memorial Day

Holy Trinity will offer Mass on Memorial Day for the fallen at 1000 in the Church.  A selection of Sacred music reflecting our thanksgiving and praise to God for our nation and the fallen will be offered. Come pray with us.

Summer RCIA Sessions Starting soon…


Summer RCIA Session Starting Soon This summer, Holy Trinity will offer an abbreviated RCIA program for those interested in entering into full communion with the Roman Catholic faith.  The program is intended for “churched” candidates who have been raised in the Christian tradition, and are already confident in their desire […]

Saint Patrick’s Day 2016


Roman Catholics celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day because of his patronage of the Irish people, his zeal and love for Christ, and his untiring preaching of the Gospel message in faith and humility. The Breastplate of Saint Patrick I arise today Through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity, Through […]

Funeral Homily for Justice Antonin Scalia


Holy Trinity mourns the loss of Justice Antonin Scalia.  Justice Scalia attended Holy Mass at Holy Trinity several years ago and his faith and love of Christ was evident to all who prayed with him.  He was an ardent defender of the unborn, the faithful, and had a loving and […]

Why Not Me? A four-week Sermon Series


Beginning on the weekend of 25 October, Holy Trinity will enter into a four-week Sermon Series entitled “Why Not Me?” The Sermon Series will examine our relationship with Jesus on the basis of trust. Where have we stopped trusting the Lord? Where have we turned to other avenues to place […]

Living Our Mission


Holy Trinity has begun the Living Our Mission campaign. For information about the parish case for Holy Trinity, please see the Living Our Mission Website.

An Open Letter to the Leadership of Facebook


by: Father Dan Beeman Reluctantly, in my final year of seminary, I fell to the pressure and joined Facebook.  I’d heard it called The Facebook, BookFace, MyFace, and a variety of other things by the seminary rector, who was trying to figure out how to respond to the growing exposure […]

New Faith Study Series


A new faith study series on the 7 Deadly Sins and 7 Lively Virtues by Bishop-Elect Robert Barron will be offered at Holy Trinity beginning this fall.  The program, offered by Bishop-Elect Barron offers a program considering the 7 Deadly Sins which affect our spiritual lives.  In contrast, the program […]